Alice Spencer

Reviews & Interviews

Art New England Profile
Art New England Interview with Alice Spencer
by Carl Little
December 2018

Angela Adams Blog
An Interview with Alice Spencer
by Angela Adams
November/Decmeber 2014

Portland Phoenix
Other Cultures and Times
by Britta Konau
December 12, 2013

Maine Sunday Telegram
Great Ideas Well-Executed
by Daniel Kany
April 12, 2011

The Arts: Maine Sunday Telegram
Current shows illustrate why galleries deserve support
by Philip Isaacson
April 24, 2011

Painting Fabric Patterns in Portland
Alice Spencer's Fabricating Time
by Edgar Allen Beem
March 2009

From the Fabric of Life
A common thread weaves through Alice Spencer's new exhibit at the UNE Art Gallery.
by Bob Keyes, Staff Writer
November 9, 2008

Additional Review Excerpts:

"The power of [Alice Spencer's] work[s] took my breath away. They are bold, emotional and political."

- Phillip Isaacson, Maine Sunday Telegram

"The textiles are woven by the caring hands of people with strong textile traditions who take pride in their work. Their stories, embedded in the threads, are heard by the artist and retold through her paintings."

- Lynn Felsher, curator of textiles at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York

"The paintings recapitulate the lattice of interlocking awareness that we use to approach any event or object that we intend to understand or at least relate to. Meaning is often an issue of putting what we discover into our preconceptions and letting the new information form a fresh matrix from which we look again at the world. It is how art changes us in great or small ways. We do that with Spencer’s paintings and it is what they are about as well."

- Ken Greenleaf, Maine Sunday Telegram

". . . Spencer has discovered an amazing and beautiful landscape. These images seem like quiet reminders of the importance of the interior and its connection to the exterior. She teaches us through her own awareness and introspection that art can stimulate healing energies."

- Karen Kitchen, Director, University of Maine at Farmington Art Gallery

"[There is] a notion that printmaking entails a complex negotiation between technical skill and conceptual aims, strategy and surprise, each feeding into the other, pushing the other into new territories that, if the work succeeds, results in a print that records the rich history of its constructions. The two prints in Spencer's Lakestone Series give shape to just such a visual history."

- Chris Thompson, The Portland Phoenix